Protocolos y programas elementales Tomo II

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Protocolos y programas elementales Tomo II - Jorge L. Tizón - Herder
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The difficulties and dangers of Psychopharmacological treatment only mental health problems and psychiatric disorders are even higher, if possible, in the case of trasdtornos attention to childhood and adolescence. We can not and must indicate that psychotropic drugs CEINT 15 to 20 children now have mental health problems. Moreover, psychological techniques of known efficacy and efficiency for these problems often can not be used to help children and families in the current public consultation, at times overwhelmed by the number of consultants, for their attendance, for the accumulation of problems posed by the severity or complexity of it, by difficulties of their own teams or institutions ... What kind of psychological and psychosocial support can be provided in many of these situations from such devices? This volume attempts to provide practical guidelines for sleep problems, with more

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Book: Protocolos y programas elementales Tomo II

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