Psicoanálisis, procesos de duelo y psicosis

Psicoanálisis, procesos de duelo y psicosis - Jorge L. Tizón - Herder
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Dominant Psychiatry technologically developed countries suffering from severe tunnel vision and expertise, resulting in a deep instisafacción all components of the care relationship (patients, families and professionals)._x000D_
The bias of approaches and practices is particularly striking and severe in the "psiquatrización and psicofarmacologización of everyday life" (grief, loss, frustration, child development, psychosocial disorders ...), and in the study and care of psychoses and more serious mental disorders. Although this crisis coincides with a crisis of theory, technical and pragmatic of psychoanalysis, the author maintains that psychiatry and clinical psychology still require the help of psychoanalytic approaches such as oriented directly to interpersonal relationships and emotional life._x000D_
From this approach, the book seeks to address the processes of grief more


Book: Psicoanálisis, procesos de duelo y psicosis

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