Psicología de los siete pecados capitales

Psicología de los siete pecados capitales - Manuel Villegas - Herder
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This book brings a new look to the concept of the seven deadly sins and directs the psychological focus towards them to consider them from an intersubjective, social and modern perspective. The seven deadly sins are a phenomenon deeply rooted in the cultural history of the West, relegated to oblivion in the modern collective imaginary as something atavistic and obsolete. However, the concept of sin can be linked to the attitudes we develop towards our peers or towards our world in the contemporary: we consider ourselves superior to others (pride), we treat them as objects of desire (lust), we can destroy them (anger), or to rival them (envy); we monopolize the natural resources as if they were our exclusive property (greed) or we consume them in excess (gluttony); and, finally, we disregard our ethical obligations due to laziness, negligence or lack of commitment (laziness). Likewise, more



Book: Psicología de los siete pecados capitales

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