Psicoterapia breve a largo plazo

Psicoterapia breve a largo plazo - Giorgio Nardone - Herder
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Through a narrative supported by therapeutic dialogues of six representative clinical cases, the reader will be able to enter the process of short-term, long-term psychotherapy and understand how therapeutic change can occur even in apparently intractable patients.

Currently, in psychotherapy the dichotomy persists among supporters of long-term therapies with which they propose short treatments. There is the idea that therapeutic change necessarily requires a lot of time. However, this is sometimes not effective, nor to apply brief therapies for the most disabling and persistent pathologies.

This book proposes a therapeutic modality that goes beyond these two approaches to treat the so-called "major psychopathologies". First a brief therapeutic intervention is developed to invalidate the symptomatology quickly; the change occurs immediately, but the acquisition of more


Book: Psicoterapia breve a largo plazo

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