¿Qué hace un artista? Tomo 1

Colección de ensayos para acompañar el aprendizaje de las artes y su reflexión teórica

¿Qué hace un artista? Tomo 1 -  AA.VV. - Ediciones Manivela
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Ediciones Manivela
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In this volume, its authors confirm that artists generate art and promote, through particular methods, the result of what we can call "work". It shows examples of artists of all times and disciplines.


Nohemí Ortiz Rocha (coord.)

Balfer Navarrete Pérez

Circe Rodríguez Pliego (Diana)

Elisa Escobar Aguirre

Osjanny Montero González

Collection: Matters of art

Collection of essays to accompany the learning of the arts and their theoretical reflection

Ediciones Manivela presents Arte Affairs, a collection of eight volumes organized from questions, under which a set of essays and support materials is published.

Given the generality of the question, what is art? This collection presents questions that will involve different aspects of the artistic field. So what does an artist do? (Volume 1) and Do you need tale...read more


Book: ¿Qué hace un artista? Tomo 1

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