¿Quién soy yo en una sociedad traumatizada?

¿Quién soy yo en una sociedad traumatizada? - Franz Ruppert - Herder
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If we want to build healthy societies, we need mentally healthy people. Who am I in a traumatized society? Analyzes the negative dynamics that a traumatized psyche entails and offers ways to reinvent itself and enter society in a healthy way.In this book, Franz Ruppert, a psychotherapist specializing in trauma, analyzes the victim dynamics. aggressor that occurs on a personal level and moves it to the social sphere: the traumatization of our psyche leads us to negative relational dynamics that trigger harmful social events (wars, dictatorships, terrorist attacks, etc.).

If we want to avoid violent social conflicts, we have to understand why the human psyche is so prone to aggressiveness with other people. Ruppert concludes that the determining cause of the destructiveness of humans is the traumatization of our mind, because it leads us to endless victim-aggressor dynamics. Thus...read more



Book: ¿Quién soy yo en una sociedad traumatizada?

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