¿Quién soy yo y quién eres tú?

Comentario a "Cristal de aliento" de Paul Celan

¿Quién soy yo y quién eres tú? - Hans-Georg Gadamer - Herder
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Building on recent philological knowledge of the volume of poems "Crystal Breath" by Paul Celan, Hans-Georg Gadamer in some important changes deep hermeneutic work on these poems and adds a new epilogue. "Crystal Breath" is for the great German philosopher "a highlight of Celan's art." Celan once said that his lyrics come to the reader as a "bottle thrown into the sea to put into words this experience, Gadamer not part of a theory or try to play poetological Celan from their cryptic silences and what their words, but does so in a positive way, trying to understand what is given: it is with humility every word, every phrase, every poem. From there comes the effort to understand a verse always so carefully and with great mental clarity is heading to the poem True, the true word, the "glass encouragement." This will gradually become clear that this cycle is one of the great monuments of ...read more


Book: ¿Quién soy yo y quién eres tú?

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