Radicalidades existenciales

Contrahistoria de la Filosofía VI

Radicalidades existenciales - Michel Onfray - Cuenco de plata
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Cuenco de plata
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Tapa Blanda

"This sixth volume of the Counter-History of Philosophy proposes to" change "and resist the overcrowding of an era by building - and claiming - strong subjectivity.

Henry David Thoreau shows that nature can and should give us lessons: against technology, modernity, journalism, consumer society, the city, banking, industry; the philosopher proposes love for a lake, walking, solitude, simple life, existential frugality, technophobic ecology, libertarian rebellion, the construction of a home of its own: self-subsistence in all its forms. He provides his models: the woodcutter, the Indian and the savage. Arthur Schopenhauer formulates the most complete pessimistic philosophy, but lives according to the principles of epicureism theorized in The Art of Being Happy, a work that allows us to discover a theoretically dark thinker, certainly, but in practice in love with life, who goes t...read more



Book: Radicalidades existenciales

ISBN: 9789873743979