Revelación y tradición 

Revelación y tradición  - Karl  Rahner - Herder
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Since the beginning of modernity, Catholic theology has made little progress in attempts to give a solution to the problem of the relationship between revelation and tradition. By establishing contacts with Protestant theologians in recent times and a special way to raise this issue of the relationship between revelation and tradition, the first figures of Catholic theology could appreciate the difficulties and began work on a profound rethinking of the whole problem . In this volume, prominent theologians Karl Rahner and Joseph Ratzinger explained the terms of this approach, which was one of the central themes of Vatican II. The theologian Karl Rahner study approaches the problem from a viewpoint rather speculative. Interpreted according to the revelation of man's ancestry, which rises to the supernatural plane and the mediation of the divine mystery which takes place in the more

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Book: Revelación y tradición 

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