Ruso para hispanohablantes 1 

Ruso para hispanohablantes 1  - Marina Gorbatkina - Herder
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Russian to Spanish speakers is a communicative course in Russian to Spanish-speaking students. This manual, consisting of the course book and the exercises in a single volume, is intended for people who want to maintain a first contact with the Russian language and aim to meet the same basic structures for a certain effectiveness in communication . Students can understand, speak and write about everyday issues of common interest using the Russian language. In the book of course will introduce the vocabulary, idiomatic expressions and grammatical structures through drawing and dialogue, they are framed in boxes inserted in the text. Each new word is indicated in bold. The workbook is intended as supplementary support to the work of the Book of course. Through exercises will strengthen and expand the content introduced in the manual, which help to strengthen the knowledge of vocabulary more



Book: Ruso para hispanohablantes 1 

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