Secretos fracturados

Estampas del catolicismo conspirativo en México

Secretos fracturados - Fernando M. González - Herder México
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Herder México
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In Fractured Secrets Dr. Fernando M. González presents an in-depth investigation of Catholic political socialization, that is, secret societies in Mexico. Specifically, he exposes the actions and organizations inspired by some members of the Society of Jesus between the thirties and sixties of the twentieth century.
Based on the original documentation of the time, the researcher studies the behavior of the Jesuits before the armed conflict of the Cristiada and what influence it had on him and the emergence of the Fraternal Association of Students of Jalisco and its aspects, such as El Yunque. Also, M. Gonzales analyzes these
societies in the university and ecclesiastical context of Jalisco and its national ramifications


Book: Secretos fracturados

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