Semilla de crápula

Consejos para los educadores que quieran cultivarla

Semilla de crápula - Fernand Deligny - Cactus
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Fernand Deligny (1913-1996) has dedicated her life to work with "difficult children". His experimental projects with open-door institutions and instructors recruited from workers and unemployed people in the neighborhood, with reception networks for delinquent children and adolescents, as well as his first books, Seed of Crápula and The Effective Wanderers, quickly became a benchmark for the "special education" in France. Progressively, he moved away from the institutional system and in the 1960s spent some time at the famous La Borde Clinic, invited by Jean Oury and Félix Guattari. After that experience, he began his latest project: a network of shelters for autistic children that illuminated the reflections that appeared in The Arachnid and other texts. Seed de crápula (1945) is a kind of anti-manual pedagogy, made of aphorisms, anecdotes and advice, with equal doses of humor, more


Book: Semilla de crápula

ISBN: 9789873831232