Seminarios de Zollikon

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The meetings that Martin Heidegger had with the scientific elite between 1959 and 1969 are the proof to jettison once and for all, those prejudices about the alleged hostility remained against scientific disciplines and methods. Indeed, through seminars organized by Medard Boss in Zollikon (Switzerland ), Heidegger engaged dialogue with some of the leading representatives of medicine, psychiatry and science of his time.

In this volume , concentrate precisely the protocols of those meetings , as well as some conversations and letters, being aimed at an audience unfamiliar with the philosophical tradition, maintain an introductory language and clarity, but at the same time, lead the discussion at the highest levels reflective. As this is a volume that combines the simplicity of word and the gift ideas, Zollikon Seminars are converted from and a key for the understanding of the more



Book: Seminarios de Zollikon

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