Semiótica y Capitalismo

Semiótica y Capitalismo - Carlos Oliva Mendoza - Itaca
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The author of this book part of that today, consummate the current turn of the century and millennium, he never corresponded so much wealth inequality; never to such a display of "civility" I was inherently a field so vast barbaric. Bolívar Echeverría, the thinker of this work is concerned, he was very attentive to these phenomena and their "production of meaning" in the early twenty-first century. The question that interests Carlos Oliva can be expressed, he tells us, in different ways: these acts really have a semiotic reality in the modern world? Do they produce and are chained to a form of sense or not? It is our life under capitalism can explain what we, even partially, all these phenomena? Merely ask questions and attempt a response adds is already a form of participation in the semiotics of meaning given in capitalist societies



Book: Semiótica y Capitalismo

ISBN: 9786077957607