Sida y poder

Sida y poder - Carlos Mendes - Madreselva
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Tapa Blanda

HIV / AIDS today seems like a distant nightmare that has barely left us with a few blurred memories. But that feeling of distance and forgetfulness is apparent. HIV / AIDS has disappeared from the front page of the news because, as a terrifying novelty, it was covered by other firsts of the hour of fear. HIV / AIDS is now one more cohabitant. A possibility that is uncomfortable and of which it is preferable not to speak, since naming it forces its recognition, denunciation, reflection and action, to get involved. That is what this book is about, where Carlos Mendes focuses on each and all of us, his experience and his thinking. HIV / AIDS as a social metaphor, and above all, as a community reality. In AIDS and power are exposed the experiences of a society that goes from abuse to oblivion, from punishment to cruelty. AIDS and power is the first necessary step to change this ignominy.


Book: Sida y poder

ISBN: 9789872616649