Sigue adelante

Raza, poder y música en Nueva Orleans

Sigue adelante - Matt Sakakeeny - Traficantes de sueños
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Traficantes de sueños
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Keep going is a first-hand account in which precarious lives, metal musicians and the city of New Orleans intersect. Musicians have earned a reputation as carriers of tradition. It is they who have life with the jazz funeral and community parades, the second line. In spite of everything, they follow the same dangers that the lives of the majority of the black population of the United States go through: poverty, marginalization, racism and violence. This absorbing story follows the steps to the Rebirth, the Soul Rebels, the Hot 8 and other street bands to the stages, before and after Hurricane Katrina, to the beat of the tac-tac of the box, the pom-pom of the hype and the bum-bum of the tuba.
"It's a new classic in the history of the city after Katrina.
Moving forward is, perhaps, the most lucid and pervasive review of the ways in the musical essence of New Orleans becomes more

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Book: Sigue adelante

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