Sincronización en Birkenwald

Una conferencia metafísica

Sincronización en Birkenwald - Viktor E. Frankl - Herder
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Viktor Frankl was a victim, like so many others, of Nazi barbarism, of cruel and attempt to be reduced to a number. Like many, resisted, and Terezín, Auschwitz, Türkheim, and Dachau were Kauferin stations an intense journey toward self, toward discovering your own spiritual strength.

Frankl wrote this play shortly after having left behind his experience as a prisoner in the death camps. Your title contains metaphysical debate about the meaning of suffering, which takes as its starting point a scene in a concentration camp barrack Birkenwald, fictional name resulted from a combination of the names and Birkenau Buchenwald. In German, Birkenwald means birch forest, trees whose ability to generate life in devastated allowed to take root and colonize new life in the field. The play staged, so creative and original, manifesting human dialogues with universal experiences that we can more


Book: Sincronización en Birkenwald

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