Sociedad mediática y totalismo

Antropología de la comunicación vol. 2

Sociedad mediática y totalismo - Albert Chillón - Herder
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This second volume of Anthropology of communication deals with the concept of totalism and explores the path taken by media society, on the wings of digital technology and its mirages.

Unlike totalitarianism, which resorted to police and military coercion, totalism constitutes the new device of hegemony of globalized capitalism. Accusedly hictopic - by diluting the past and extolling the here and now to the detriment of any future utopia - is distinguished by absorbing public, private and even intimate life, as well as any form of dissent, criticism or otherness.

This new social and symbolic reality trivializes and equalizes the distinctions and sacredness, the ethical and aesthetic, the traditions and cultures; Makes consumerism, incessant spectacle and technology genuine substitute cults; Alienates the human subject
- reduced to the condition of consumer for the more


Book: Sociedad mediática y totalismo

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