Su hijo, una persona competente

Hacia los nuevos valores básicos de la familia 

Su hijo, una persona competente - Jesper  Juul - Herder
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Families today are at a crucial point, where the destructive values that characterized the families living in traditional, hierarchical, such as obedience, physical and emotional violence, and compliance-can and must be transformed . Instead, the author proposes a new set of values that are based on the understanding that the family environment does not have to rely on the use of force authoritarian or democratic tyranny by the parents, but they may choose create a climate of equal dignity and reciprocity of treatment between them and their children. The foundation of this proposal are in the survey shows that children from birth and are competent, well able to express their feelings and needs, and very willing to cooperate. They are therefore the parents who must work to listen to explicit and implicit messages they carry their children, take them seriously and learn from them. At more


Book: Su hijo, una persona competente

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