Una introducción a la autoterapia emocional

Tapping - Michael Bohne - Herder
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This book is a guide for self-study self-therapy technique known as tapping, which is playing an increasingly important role in psychotherapy, coaching and therapies for the treatment of trauma paper. Refers to the so-called "energy psychology" and has emerged as a technique especially effective and useful emotional self-help. In the Spanish-speaking world it is known by the names of EFT (Energy Freedom Techniques), Emotional Freedom Technique, Thought Field Therapy, or just tapping ("knock").

It is very easy to learn tapping: by the time you feel stress or some kind of negative emotion, small bumps on certain acupuncture points on the body are given. At the same time specific phrases that promote self-acceptance are pronounced.

By this process, our brain reaches a state of greater competition and solving most people find an answer to the locks and mitigate negative feelings. Try it!


Book: Tapping

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