Teología del misterio en Zubiri

El ser sobrenatural: Dios y la deificación en la teología paulin

Teología del misterio en Zubiri - Guillerma Diaz Muñoz - Herder
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Zubiri Theology mystery shows, from unpublished sources, first hand, the relationship between Xavier Zubiri, one of the most important Christian thinkers of the twentieth century and Odo Casel and Mysterientheologie Warnach Viktor, one of the most influential theologies the first half of the century. Extending the spirit, expressions and concepts of St. Paul and the Greek Fathers, Zubiri, as Casel and Warnach, deepen understanding of the redemptive work of Christ and his current standing in mystery. His perception of Christianity moves to the experience of the mystery of Christ expressed in the sacraments and the unity of the faith. This book also includes the original text of Xavier Zubiri, the supernatural being, God and the deification in Pauline theology, Guillermo Diaz looks in depth to highlight its richness and character theological importance in the context of thought Zubiri.

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Book: Teología del misterio en Zubiri

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