Teología y sensatez

Teología y sensatez - F.J. Sheed - Herder
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This book is theology, not theology massive dose needed by theologians, but the bare minimum you need every man to live sanely in reality, that is, to be sensible. Therefore be wise not supposed to live in the world like any other man is to live in the real world. Now, some of the most important real world can be known only by revelation from God, which is the subject matter of theology. If we lack this knowledge, our mind has to live almost entirely submerged in darkness, struggling with a reality that mostly eludes him._x000D_
Author's purpose is to focus attention on the will but serve mainly to the problems of understanding. Do not try to solve a question of holiness, but of wisdom. Difference sick often forgotten in the practice of religion. Deals more with the understanding that the will, not because of more importance in understanding religion in will, bu...read more

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Book: Teología y sensatez

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