Teresa de Ávila, biografía de una escritora

Teresa de Ávila, biografía de una escritora - Rosa Rossi - Trotta
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The "inner experience" proposed Teresa of Avila remains in force today in day because it involves a different way of living and organizing religious experience. Based on the documents of the time, this book tells the adventures of Teresa as a woman writer and dissident, reformer of community life against the church hierarchy, talks supported by converts and persecuted by the Inquisition.
"The great capacity to understand and Rosa Rossi? Feel? mystical writing from? inside? It helps us to tune and better approach the various views that shape their? obrador writing? "(Valenti Gomez-Oliver).
"For Rossi, the Teresa of Avila model that reconstructs from the dissident interiority is that of a woman who exists as consciousness, with the sole help of a? Mental prayer?" (Fanny Rubio).
"It is not will find anything strange, the reader of this book Rosa Rossi, who also left him...read more

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Book: Teresa de Ávila, biografía de una escritora

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