Tierra de nadie

Cómo pensar (en) la sociedad global

Tierra de nadie - Antonio Campillo - Herder
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This paper raises a double question: how to think global society to make the Earth remains a home for all and on the other hand, how to think in global society, that is, in what way changes in the globalized world affect and challenge to the activity of thinking.

To analyze this relationship back and forth between globalization and philosophy, Antonio Campillo taking as a thread the no man's land concept in its various uses and meanings: unowned land, territories seized from the people, the disputed land, walled borders and, finally, the common heritage of humanity. The author proposes that our planet is recognized as the property of anyone, but belongs to all.

As for philosophy, for Campillo it is a cosmopoliética activity, because its task is to think about the differences and links between the three major areas of human experience: the world, the US and the self. In t...read more


Book: Tierra de nadie

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