Tone Moves - Luca Chiantore

A history of piano technique

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Is there such a thing as the ideal technique? The past and present of musical performance constantly provide evidence that, among the multiple different ways available of using our body, plenty might prove equally efficient and musically convincing. Among all the possible options, however, one merits special attention: the technique employed by composers themselves while creating their works.

In this book, Italian-born pianist and scholar LUCA CHIANTORE sets out to examine the transformations undergone by piano technique, and how this overall history relates to the performative customs of those pianist-composers whose works we today consider the core repertoire of so-called Western classical music. The author illustrates the diversity of their bodily approaches to the keyboard, exploring their respective biomechanical inquiries amidst increasing hand and arm involvement in more

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Book: Tone Moves - Luca Chiantore

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