Trabajo familiar y multifamiliar en las psicosis

Una guía para profesionales

Trabajo familiar y multifamiliar en las psicosis - Gerd-Ragna Bloch Thorsen - Herder
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Today, the treatment of a patient with psychosis or chronic mental disorder requires a care with your family. For over two decades, the working group Stavenger University Hospital in Norway, has been developing methods of psychoeducation and group work with the families of these patients with outstanding results: for example, have shown that it is possible to reduce the percentage relapse to less than 40 percent compared with patients receiving traditional treatments or psychosocial treatments help to maintain regular employment and a significant improvement in the quality of life, which means that treatments integrated biopsychosocial are those who are giving better results in terms of cost-effectiveness.

The guide Bloch Thorsen and colleagues introduced into all kinds of familiar techniques used in psychoses from a cognitive-behavioral perspective quite eclectic: more


Book: Trabajo familiar y multifamiliar en las psicosis

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