Un reparto más justo del planeta

Un reparto más justo del planeta -  AA.VV. - Trotta
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Natural resources are very unevenly distributed around the world and arbitrary manner. Even natural disasters and dangers of climate change affect everyone equally, which makes it more difficult to reduce agreements are reached. And a philosophical aimed at reducing suffering or, at the other end, a tradition centered on the basic rights of individuals, some as arbitrary, harmful and growing inequalities are unjustifiable continue. But what can you do?
From different philosophical perspectives three authors propose to introduce a tax or fee on those natural resources that some use more or have greater amount, and distribute the proceeds on a global scale to reduce the initial inequality and prevent the increase climate change. But this general idea can be justified not only differently, but can take many forms. For example, on what should fall this rate? ¿On the most pol...read more


Book: Un reparto más justo del planeta

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