Un tratado de ficción. Ontología de la mimesis

Ontología de la mimesis

Un tratado de ficción. Ontología de la mimesis - María Antonia González Valerio - Herder México
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Herder México
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The so-called "linguistic turn" in contemporary philosophy of language has been at the center of the discussion, so that is presented today as the great philosophical consensus in which there are multiple perspectives to consider. In this wide range of positions, philosophical hermeneutics is central, as chief representative of the current language is a particularly ontological, and therefore argues that language is not only the mode of the world and of ourselves, but also being manifested as language.
What do you mean to ask about the language? What is that thing that we are moving and where we are? Nonlinguistic no place from which to ask for the language but need to be investigated from himself. The multiplicity of linguistic forms herein specifically works with: The story of fiction, to see there the ontological possibilities that unfold.
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Book: Un tratado de ficción. Ontología de la mimesis

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