Una ética de la Madre Tierra

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Una ética de la Madre Tierra - Leonardo Boff - Trotta
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As the climatic upheavals show, the relationship of the human being with the Earth, the only Common House that he has to live, has surpassed a systemic limit: neither the natural resources are infinite nor can one suppose an infinite progress. Humanity thus faces a global issue that is more ethical than scientific. An ethic of the Earth is urgently needed to restore its damaged vitality. But this ethic will not be sustained if it is not accompanied by a spirituality rooted in a cordial and sensitive reason. This is the only way to generate a care and a serious commitment of love, responsibility and compassion towards the Common House. The life of the spirit, which feeds on non tangible goods, is the soul supplement that calls for saving and regenerating actions of Mother Earth . "As it pertains to the essence of the human, care can be the basis for a minimum consensus on which a plane...read more


Book: Una ética de la Madre Tierra

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