Una ética para la bioética

Y a ratos para la política.

Una ética para la bioética - Ramón Valls - Gedisa
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Current biogenetic imposes ask: What can lawfully do? What we are required? Should we prohibit or allow? Given these questions, philosophers have no eternal behavior patterns although they may recommend some respectable codes. This book invites us to rethink ethics. We remember how it was related to politics during antiquity and the Middle Ages until Hobbes and Machiavelli began to untie the Christian moral policy and direct it towards civil peace. Locke, Rousseau, Kant and the French Revolution contributed to the domestication of the modern democratic state, the exaltation of human dignity and its relationship to moral autonomy and political sovereignty. After the social revolution, postmodernism and globalization, the remaining task is to establish a global human civilization cooperative peer-different. On this tour is clear that moral codes are not invariable and the author argues ...read more


Book: Una ética para la bioética

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