Una nueva visión del trabajo psicosocial

en el ámbito asistencial

Una nueva visión del trabajo psicosocial -  Fundación SAR - Herder
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This third book in the SAR Foundation is, as in the previous two, a compilation of material used in a training program for professionals in the SAR group, in this case graduate in Social Work, which ran from 2001-2002, along documentation material worked in the same program. "Results of two years of training, discussion and preparation of document content, this book introduces new ways of approaching people, respecting their beliefs and preferences, finding points of support for working with them in their feelings and emotions, family partnerships and their memories. the professional is a new world of communication through new languages ​​'to learn by listening and understanding what you hear.' ""In no case have we tried to make a working manual of guidelines and solutions that advance, on the contrary, we want get your hands on professional knowledge and tools to understa...read more


Book: Una nueva visión del trabajo psicosocial

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