Valores del cuerpo educando 

Antropolog,ia del cuerpo y educación

Valores del cuerpo educando  - Enrique  Gervilla Castillo - Herder
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Today, in all areas of education-formal, non formal and informal, the body, as ancient wisdom, always linked to personal development, remains a constant value today. The word "body" without any adjective, refers to the subject the same animal than human flesh, alive or dead. Clarify and specify the ambiguity of this concept is one of the purposes of the book, understanding that without this effort to provide clarification, educational action is imprecise. Exchange student body wants to be a reflection and expression of its content: the multiple values and ratings of good / body and its educational impact. The value has been understood here, among other possible meanings, as well as the quality or desirable way of being, that is, states of perfection of the body, beyond reality, which never reached at all. And, when dealing with the education of the body, has chosen the term "student" more


Book: Valores del cuerpo educando 

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