Verdadera hermama nuestra

Teología de María en la comunión de los santos

Verdadera hermama nuestra - Elizabeth A.  Johnson - Herder
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This new book by Elizabeth A. Johnson contributes decisively to build a modern Marian theology and liberating. To tell the author, traditional Mariology has tended to separate the mother of Jesus from all other women, representing it as the feminine ideal according to which judges patriarchy legitimizes their sisters and women's subordinate position in the Church. Johnson read the Scriptures through the eyes of women using feminist hermeneutic methods to find a new way of approaching Mary to place within the communion of saints, the symbol potentially more inclusive and egalitarian. By focusing on Mary as a specific individual in the company of all the friends of God and prophets, this book attempts to glimpse the raw historical fact, often ignored, Miriam of Nazareth, a Jewish woman in a society relatively poor rual I. century politically oppressed Try to understand the presence, more


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Book: Verdadera hermama nuestra

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