Viajes con Herodoto

Viajes con Herodoto - Ryszard Kapuscinski - Anagrama
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In the fifties, while touring Poland, a Kapuscinski apprentice reporter lives obsessed with crossing the border. It does not manage to go to Czechoslovakia but, in return, the writing of the newspaper in which it works sends it to India. The correspondent leaves with a book, the History of Heródoto. Written from the perspective of half a century, Trips with Herodotus is revealed as a book of difficult classification. Is it a report? Sometimes. An ethnographic-anthropological study? Partly yes. A travel book? It is also. A tribute to the Herodotus pro-reporter and the quality of his prose? Of course. And all this, embodied in magnificent non-fiction stories in which the soldiers of Salamis live with a child without shoes in Warsaw in 1942, Xerxes with Dostoevsky, Croesus with Louis Armstrong. "A different way of being in a world, ours, which is built between fear, wall and fence to more




Book: Viajes con Herodoto

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