Vida de Bernardita

Vida de Bernardita - René Laurentin - Herder
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Who was Saint Bernadette of Lourdes? Just a shepherdess to whom the Virgin appeared to him in southern France, in a time of great social and collective lot of pain? Just a miller's daughter who broke at the height of their misery put in jail? A nurse who ended religious herself in the "use of sick"?_x000D_

Yes, it was all this, but around it is much mythologized. The truth is more beautiful than the myths. Bernadette was, quite simply, a holy imbued with the sanctity of the poor, that holiness was unknown in it, received it on good authority, even before a seer repent._x000D_

This biography is transparent and simple as Bernadette's life and faithful to his teaching the simpler you write, the better. By dint of wanting to decorate things, they were disfigured.

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Book: Vida de Bernardita

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