Vida y arte de Glenn Gould

Vida y arte de Glenn Gould - Kevin Bazzana - Turner
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The object of a cult of personality comparable to those of James Dean or Elvis Presley, the life and work of Glenn Gould have received unprecedented posthumous attention, fruit in large part of the many questions raised by his eccentric personality, unaffordable to Topical, surrounded by mystery, hypochondriacal and apparently asexual. On the other hand, the place she occupies among the great piano players seems increasingly solid, as the new generations discover their work without the hindrances of the critical baggage that accompanied it while it was alive. Unique and unrepeatable interpretations like his will always sound novel, unconventional, and that's why they preserve their power intact to attract new generations of music lovers. These and other questions are analyzed in this book of international success and deserving of several awards, which constitutes the definitive study more



Book: Vida y arte de Glenn Gould

ISBN: 9788416354191