¡Vuelvan caras, carajo!

¡Vuelvan caras, carajo! - Rafael Baena - Pre-Textos
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For half a century I was one of those guys who want to write but have nothing to say. No subject or character came to my aid to get me out of the marasmus in which the profession of journalist becomes after several lustrums of blotting pages in a vain attempt to organize the chaos of the day to day. But suddenly one afternoon, when I got off a horse that had given me a few hours of happiness, I patted him on the neck and promised him that if he ever wrote literature, his fellow creatures would be protagonists of the first order.

Almost at the same time, in reflecting on the violent reality of Colombia, I thought that an elegant way of explaining it would have to be to offer the reader a journey into the past, making him see that murderous ignorance and blind intolerance are not phenomena of the 20th century And XXI, but have been in the national genetic memory for centuries.

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Book: ¡Vuelvan caras, carajo!

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