Weitblick B2 Ubungsbuch

Weitblick B2 Ubungsbuch -  AA.VV. - Cornelsen
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You can play all media for the textbook such as audios, videos and texts using the free Cornelsen PagePlayer app or stream and download them in the web codes at cornelsen.de/codes.

The course book contains a printed license code for free activation of the e-book on mein.cornelsen.de. The media can be accessed via click points on the book page.

The new GFL textbook for advanced students, Weitblick, enables motivating and varied lessons. The course book units each consist of a fixed and a modular part:

The fixed part has a linear structure and follows a chronological progression of the learning content.
The modular part offers the opportunity to repeat and deepen the learning content developed in the fixed part under a different thematic aspect. It can be used flexibly in the classroom.

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Book: Weitblick B2 Ubungsbuch

ISBN: 9783061208868