Xolo (sin CD audio)

Xolo (sin CD audio) - Mardonio Carballo - Pluralia
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Hard cover

Text Mardonio Carballo
Illustrations Oliver Dautais
Music of John Paul Villa
Nahuatl and Spanish

The word denotes Xolo nudity. The word Xolo is a hairless dog. The word Xolo is a Nahuatl word. Miktlan is a Nahuatl word. The dog that will help us cross the river Miktlan is a Xolo. Life is a river to be crossed. Born, grow, grieve, falling in love, love, desire and death is the river crossing in this book. The sound universe recreated by the voice of Juan Pablo Villa is the bed where poetry Mardonius Carballo goes to sleep dreaming of singing a circular track. Swimming in Nahuatl, castilla, music and poetry of theatricality going swimming Mardonio Carballo, from birth to death sincere, naked Xolo.

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Book: Xolo (sin CD audio)

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