Yakarta - Rodrigo Márquez Tizano - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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"One must be aware from the beginning that he will not go far," says Jakarta's protagonist, who recalls the fifth year of school, when a wrinkled nun imparted geography to him-or almost: She named cities, Jakarta, and The students answered countries, Indonesia: "It was a way of ignoring the rest of the agenda, forgetting our names and getting used to dealing with the disappointment of knowing that there is a world out there that we are only going to memorize political divisions." Although the steps of the narrator sketch the demarcation from the subsoil to the surface and its walk takes us through its multiple labyrinths bifurcations, this city never ends up being known at all. The Charco stands out from a mythology where the struggles and interactions of a population composed of natives, albinos and invaders, prefigures a violent and violent present, given to nothing and chance, at t...read more


Book: Yakarta

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