Zubiri Ante Heidegger

Zubiri Ante Heidegger - Juan Antonio Nicolás - Herder
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With this book, leading researchers Zubiri's work, also aware of the philosophy of Heidegger, two thoughts confront systematically addressing fundamental concepts truth, freedom, history, metaphysics, phenomenology, ontology, science, ethics, politics and religion.

This volume, through articles written by Jorge Rivera, Diego Gracia, Jesus Conill, Juan Antonio Nicolas, Ramon Rodriguez, Armando Savignano, Ricardo Espinoza, Victor Tirado, Valentina Bulo, Esteban Vargas, Oscar Barroso, Fernando Enzo Danel and Solari, is a step in the discussion and reflection between two opinions critical to the understanding of current and future philosophy, both in the field of German tradition, as in the Spanish and Latin American philosophy.


Book: Zubiri Ante Heidegger

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