Bajo Tierra

Bajo Tierra Ediciones was born as an autonomous, self-managing and anti-patriarchal collective project, out of the need and desire to provoke the meeting of dialogues and knowledge, to cultivate disobedience: from the effort to overflow, dislocate and deconstruct the dominant thought, to experiment in the forms, practices and languages, of linking the construction of multiple autonomous worlds. Other windows to look at our world: theory and reflection as moments of struggle. This editorial wants to be a link, a bridge between experience, a resource for those who today insist, dream, fight, build.

Today, Bajo Tierra Ediciones continues to walk this path in a different way, now as a women's publishing house. We have resignified our work, clinging to the power that we generate by creating together and recognizing the enormous strength that is in it. Among women, we are (re) more