Libros de Sawade

In Mexico, the Herder publishing model (whose origin dates back to the beginning of the 19th century in Germany) was substantially transformed: the project found its own editorial line and opened its bookshop, both under the foundation and direction of Jan-Cornelius Schulz Sawade. When finding his own way and given that the majority owners do not belong to the Herder family, there was the opportunity to re-found the company with some changes: Books of Sawade was born and with it a new publishing house, which operates as a sister project of the Herder México publishing house and the bookstore.

Libros de Sawade carries the maternal surname of the publisher and its catalog will include all those books that we want to publish but that do not go with the editorial line specialized in social sciences and humanities of Herder.
The inaugural title of Libros de Sawade is the more