24 Ideas para una psicoterapia breve 

24 Ideas para una psicoterapia breve  - Mark  Beyebach - Herder
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This book presents and discusses different therapeutic practices that help to shorten the psychotherapy and brief psychosocial intervention. The goal is not to unnecessarily prolong the anxiety and distress associated with almost any psychosocial problem; that clients recover before his competence and his ability to function autonomously. We are witnessing a brief manual of systemic therapy, and more specifically short integrative therapy, with a fundamental component focused on solutions and various contributions from the Mental Research Institute in Palo Alto of narrative therapy and systemic therapy in general. Clear, concise and well structured, this book outlines in each chapter what these techniques presented, what they can serve and what should be taken into account when using them. Countless cases of research results, illustrates the above. Intends that psychotherapy is as sho...read more


Book: 24 Ideas para una psicoterapia breve 

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