33 revoluciones por minuto

Historia de la canción protesta

33 revoluciones por minuto - Dorian Lynskey - Malpaso
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33 revolutions per minute is the story of the protest song. A complete and exhaustive review of the Anglo-Saxon music that revolutionized the world. From Billy Holiday to Bob Dylan, Marley, The Clash or U2 among many others. 33 revolutions per minute is the reference book on the song protest, one of the musical genres that have best defined the twentieth century and that runs through different styles based on the attitude of the authors when marking an intention or content. The book starts with singers and protest songs before World War II (Strange Fruit by Billy Holiday, This Land is Your Land by Woody Guthrie ...) and closes in the period 1989-2008. It goes through folk, blues, jazz, pop, rock, punk, reggae ... contemplating the meeting between musical quality and denunciation as the main criterion. Lynskey identifies the most representative songs of the social movements that have s...read more

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Book: 33 revoluciones por minuto

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