Decalogue Malpaso 1 Malpaso seeks to animate conversations. 2 Malpaso wants to contribute to literary, political and thought discourse. 3 Malpaso does not make concessions and his only commitment is with his readers. 4 Malpaso wants the titles of his catalog to be a literary and essayistic discourse. 5 Malpaso does not want to be one more. 6 Malpaso believes in literature of excellence and committed essay. 7 Malpaso aims to be your reference publisher. 8 In Malpaso many trends and tastes fit but quality is an indispensable quality for all our books. 9 Malpaso does not want to leave anyone indifferent. 10 Malpaso believes in paper and also in digital. Malpaso believes in the texts. Everything seemed to indicate that it was not a good time to launch another damn editorial ... Are you sure? In Malpaso we maintain -and we want to believe- that crises are opportunities to innovate, learn, more