Cuando el diablo salió del baño

Cuando el diablo salió del baño - Sophie Divry - Malpaso
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The protagonist of this novel barely lives in Paris. The rent for her tiny apartment leaves him barely a hundred euros to get him through the month. She is a victim of her own illusions because she has given up reasonable employment to devote herself fully to literature. But the publishers have not given her the attention that she undoubtedly deserves from her and now she only thinks about surviving. Her life gradually plunges into hell, a drama that the indomitable narrator recounts to us with a surgical humor that borders on sarcasm, but that never excludes tenderness. 'When the devil came out of the bathroom' was a real phenomenon in France, and not only for its literary value, but also because many young people felt identified with the picturesque adventures of an unforgettable character.


Book: Cuando el diablo salió del baño

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