A fuerza de puntos

La experiencia como puntuación

A fuerza de puntos - Peter Szendy - Ediciones Metales pesados
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Ediciones Metales pesados

The score is known, has a long history, from the ledgers of the scribes of ancient Egypt to the recent smileys. Paying great attention to the art of scoring in classical or contemporary forms, this book would however open a wider field: the estigmatología (Greek stigme: "point"), which analyzes the effects puntuantes wherever they appear. In the story and autobiographical production find a subject that is nothing more than the backlash of a number of scores, as they think psychoanalysis and literature, Tristram Shandy Lacan, through the extraordinary novel by Chekhov, the exclamation point. To describe these effects puntuantes is finally trying to build, with Hegel, Nietzsche and some others a concept attentive to the rhythm and phrasing pressing the score, as well as the inherent political scope to todafuerza point.

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Book: A fuerza de puntos

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