A la rica marihuana y otras especias…

A la rica marihuana y otras especias… - Terry Southern - Capitán Swing
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Capitán Swing
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Rústica con camisa

This collection of writings , articles and interviews about drugs, music, American foreign policy , the CIA , journalism , conventional morality , etc; reveals a sassy , stylish and very hip mind. Through them is detected with great sensitivity sagacity seventies .

Southern With this work , known for his screenplay for Dr. Strangelove , surprises and dazzles audiences . His early stories such as " You're too hip , man " or the hilarious "The road from Axotle " are an example of elegant job and talent of its author ; written and published in the journal Squire , like the famous " Bastoneando at Ole Miss " (which apparently is an academy majorettes , but also of race relations , whiskey and Faulkner ) , it became the first "journalist" adopted a personal approach when writing articles. The last story , the famous "The blood of a wig " is probably the best piece ever written about...read more



Book: A la rica marihuana y otras especias…

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