Agresión y violencia

Cerebro, Comportamiento y Bioética

Agresión y violencia - Jairo Muñoz Delgado - Herder México
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Herder México
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Aggression and violence are nagging issues today, but also of continuing relevance to the individual, society and human culture. Several scientific disciplines, social and human behaviors that have addressed the nature of these multifactorial and complex integration. The book we have in hand is a multidisciplinary approach to the issue and therefore I approached from different perspectives trying to piece together the seemingly disparate approaches to biological evolution in the tradition of Darwin, its biological basis in the brain and neuroscience approach its behavioral manifestation view from ethology, psychology or psychiatry to its cultural, social, bioethical and legal issues._x000D_

The publication of this work was funded by the National Institute of Psychiatry Ramon de la Fuente


Book: Agresión y violencia

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